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Isnin, 15 November 2010


During the last two days, about 170.000 Hajj pilgrims have been grouped and transported by 4.000 buses to the holy places.  The rest (30.000 pilgrims) will perform today's  prayer (the Friday Prayer) at the Prophet’s Mosque and then they will  head toward Mecca where they will be performing their rites.

Since the start of the Hajj season, more than 16.000 buses have left Medina carrying Hajj pilgrims and heading towards Mecca.  As a measure of security and to ensure the safety of the Hajj pilgrims, the Saudi official authorities have placed a ban on the buses departure time not letting them depart after 11 p.m.

This ban has been proved to be effective and it has considerably undermined the number of crashes on the Al-Hijra road that connects Medina, Mecca and the holy sites.
The number of Hajj pilgrims this year has transcended the expectations.  According to the latest stats and official declarations , 800.000 Hajj pilgrims have been expected to arrive during  the first part of the season and one million during the second one , however 911.000 have already arrived in Medina by the  last Thursday.


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